Triangle Zipper Pouch (with neat seams inside and outside)


You need outer fabric, lining fabric and padding material 6 by 12 inch and a 5inch long zip. As well a stripe of material 3 by 1inch for a little loop.

I used for the outside a fabric from  Kaffe Fassett, for the lining a moda one and for the padding a quilting material.

Prepare the little loop first, like I did in the keying tutorial.


Now lay the outer material on top of the padding. The zipper goes with the right side onto the right side of the outer fabric (which still sticks to the padding) and sew it on, use the zipper foot.


Now the lining goes onto this, pretty sides together, use pins to line all pieces neatly together. Turn everything round and stitch the lining on by following the previous seam.


Fold the pieces over, so that you see the pretty sides and the zip and topstitch carefully along the zipper, as in the photo.

image    image

Fold the opposite site over to the zipper and sew it to the zipper(zipper foot), you will create a loop. Always line the fabric tidily  for a good and easy sewing.


Then fold the lining to the other side and sew it to the zip as before, you only need to follow the seam from the other side. All sides need to line up accurate.

Open the zip and turn the fabric in the right position. Carefully topstitch along the zipper. It is a little bit tricky, but good to manage.


The pouch should look like this:


Turn all around again! The fabric and the lining are now on the ‘wrong side’ and opposite each other. The zip is in the middle. Stitch this open sides together and zigzag it.

image  image


Open the zip and hold the lining separate from the top fabric. You will have one big open end. Fit the loop (closed part inside) next to the zip(a half or an inch near) and lay the zip towards the lining. Pin the raw ends neatly together. Start the seam half way along the lining edge and sew to the other end, then zigzag it.

image  image


Turn the pouch in the triangle position. Stich the opening together.


I hope you like this tutorial and it is a help for you next pouch adventure.







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