Fabric Basket Tutorial


This basket is good for CD’s, fat quarters, toys, presents etc. It is practical and looks good.

You need two pieces from the outside and two from your inside fabric, plus two pieces of batting material, all should measure 34cm by 30cm.

SDC10121 SDC10124

Lay the outside fabrics pretty sides together and on each side place one batting material, so that the four parts are neatly joined, then sew three sides, leave one 30cm side open.


Do neatly the same with the inside, but leave an approximately 15cm hole in the other 30cm (opposite) seam.


Now create two handles about 20cm long, like I showed in the key ring tutorial. To give it more strength fit a strip of batting in it.

SDC10106 SDC10107


Next work on the four corners. Fold each corner seam to seam and measure 6cm from the tip of the corner, draw a line pin it and stitch a couple of times (forwards and backwards) over the line.

SDC10136 SDC10134

I do not cut the corners off, to give the basket more stability and it is ‘all about the base’.


Place both parts right sides together. You slip the inside into the outside part.

SDC10145Fit the handles opposite to each other so that you sandwich them between the inside and outside material. SDC10141

Pin everything neatly and stich the borders together.


Turn the whole creation inside out through the hole, which you left earlier in the bottom part of the inside (the part you should not sew together).



With a top stitch around the edge under the handles the basket gets the final touch, but you still need to stitch the hole from the inside.


I made another slightly bigger basket with the same fabric.

SDC10157 - CopySDC10158Your basket is done. Try different sizes. Have fun!



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