Key ring tutorial

For the key ring you need: fabric 4 by 9 inch, scissors or a cutter, a ruler, an iron and important ‘accuracy’!

Cut your fabric 4 by 9 inch, fold lengthwise iron and open it!

SDC10024 SDC10025

Fold the raw edges to the middle crease, iron and fold again and iron!

SDC10026 SDC10027

Now you should have a neat stripe of fabric, which you unfold and fold it again (pretty sides together) so the shorter raw edges meet.

SDC10028 SDC10029

Sew the edges together. Now you have a circle which you turn to the pretty side and get the fabric back to the creases you ironed before.

SDC10031 SDC10032

Sew the open side with a topstitch together. Do another top stich on the side of the loop to connect the loop and to create a small pipe way for the metal ring.

SDC10036 SDC10037

If you want to upgrade your key ring create a small bow from little rest material and slip it over your key ring.

SDC10038 SDC10039

The key ring is a pretty present not only for Christmas. A smaller version would look fantastic on a zip.

I hope you liked the tutorial!


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