Le Challenge ‘Flower Power’

I chose ‘Flower Power’ as a reminder of the slogan developed in the 1960s/70s to represent peaceful resistance.

I created a cushion with a blossom made with different colourful materials.


First I stitched a few green leaves . In one leaf I sewed the Initials FP, with a narrow zigzag stitch.


Then I created little rectangles and folded the smaller sides 1cm in and stitched one raw side onto my fabric. After folding it , I stitched  the next one on. Working from the inside to the outside the flower blossomed.


The last circle is hand stitched.

On the back I chose a few white flowers as an additional decoration.imageI thoroughly enjoyed making this ‘Flower Power’ cushioned for the ‘Era’ themed challenge. 🙂

Linking up with Le challenge http://www.le-challenge.blogspot.co.uk

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7 Responses to Le Challenge ‘Flower Power’

  1. emmajones1972 says:

    Very pretty!


  2. Very crafty Caterpillar says:

    what a great technique! havnt seen something like this before…


  3. Mara says:

    Very Interesting, love “Flower Power”


  4. imstudiolou says:

    Yey to Flower Power ✌️


  5. Love that era, so great choice! Love your interpretation – thanks for sharing on le challenge.


  6. Love your flower power theme and what a beautiful cushion!


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